Quatuor Hanson

Not All Cats Are Grey

At night not all cats are grey: the Quatuor Hanson proves this to us with this unexpected, phantasmagoric nocturnal odyssey. From the folk echoes of Bartók, originating in central Europe or the Maghreb, to the impressionist dreams of Dutilleux’s masterpiece Ainsi la nuit, not forgetting the masterly Métamorphoses nocturnes of Ligeti, this disc lets us hear a night of movement, of chatter: one that is alive. In it is revealed a fascinating landscape in constant evolution between waking and sleep, dream and aural hallucination, and one that is in constant mutation.


After a Haydn album hailed by the press and awarded the ‘Diapason d’Or’ of 2020, the Quatuor Hanson returns to the disc in a voyage of initiation that is one of the most beautiful in chamber music.